Cecil Andrews College – Student STEM tour of “The Inventors Hub” Facility


Cecil Andrews College is the Western Australia pilot P-Tech High School tasked with introducing STEM education to their students via their $5 million STEM Centre which was opened in 2017. http://cecilandrewscollege.wa.edu.au/curriculum/p-tech/

I have been working with five (5) year 11 Cecil Andrews College students, providing support on their Project Based Learning Subject using 3D printing and laser cutting tools to plan and produce their first project – a “Penguin” montage.

As part of their journey of discovery, the students and their teacher visited the premises of “The Inventors Hub” which is owned and pioneered by CEO Megan Gobey. https://www.theinventorshub.com.au/

The Inventor’s Hub takes the inventor’s idea through to concept and product design, prototyping and manufacturing using 3D printing and laser cutting tools.

These tools are also available for hobbyists to create their own product.

The school group was shown the laser cutter in action by cutting the components of a children’s Doodle toy which was then assembled.

Megan Gobey assembling the laser cut Doodle toy – Laser cutter in the RHS background

The students observed how 2D laser cut shapes can be assembled into a 3D model


                        Dinosaur                                                                      Giraffe                                             



Laser cut model of a house – An exact replica which has been opened up to show internal fittings

Several laser-cut prototypes were displayed where functionality is tested, and models adjusted at low cost.

We were taken on a tour of the Spectro Industries Plastics Injection moulding facility where production models are manufactured. https://www.spectroindustries.com.au

Megan showing a plastic component of the shark proof fence manufactured at the factory.

Plastic Granules used in the injection moulding process

3D printer “The Doctor’ shown in the background – students are examining the waste wax was left over from the 3D printing process,

Megan discussing career options with students and their teacher



The tour and demonstration of the use of digital technology tools provided the students and their teacher with the practical examples of 3D printing and Laser cutting used in industry and was directly linked to their Project Based Learning (PBL) project.

Thanks to Megan for providing her valuable time to open-up digital technology career options available to students and providing their teacher with an insight into prototyping, testing and manufacturing work processes.


Craig Power

Managing Director – iSOL8 Pty Ltd

31st October 2017