Craig Power – Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers Award – 2017 – Engineers Australia

Innovative Engineer Award

Engineers Australia have selected me as one of Australia’s most innovative engineers for 2017 in the “General Industry” category for my digital electronic “Lock Out Tag Out” process called iSOL8®.

See photos taken of the breakfast presentation of  new “Fellows” – Institution of Engineers Australia (Perth) and the evening presentation of Australia’s “Most Innovative Engineers – 2017” (Perth).

A detailed description of the iSOL8® process is described in the iSOL8 web site – Posted Articles are:

Patent applications for iSOL8® have been submitted in Australia, USA and the EU in early 2017.

The patent application in Australia has been accepted by IP Australia and is now published for public scrutiny over a three-month period prior to a patent being granted in October 2017 .

The development journey for iSOL8® has followed a familiar path to many innovative ideas from concept to patenting, trials and commercialisation and still has some way to travel to get to market.

During this journey; there have been many supporters of myself and the iSOL8® process.

I have meet several characters who are both passionate visionary’s, but with their feet firmly on the ground and able to analyse and realise what iSOL8® was about, its’ potential to be a game changer.

These supporters have given free feedback, invested time on development (to be compensated later when sales are realised) and those who have provided essential professional commercial services.

Without this continued support iSOL8® would not have got to first base.

But as John Lennon said “With a little help from my friends”  and associates, ISOL8® has been evaluated and acknowledged by my Engineering peers though “Engineers Australia” and stands tall as a significant safety engineering innovation which reduces human error and improves safety, reduces administration time resulting in increased plant availability and provides real time digital data to enable detailed business analysis of work activities.

My Supporters, Motivators and “Butt Kickers” include:

  • My wife – Pam Power, sons Nick and Alistair Power and friends Chris McRobert and Sirena Collins.
  • Steve Asher (Coding and Computer Guru – Designed the iSOL8® “Gatekeeper” and “Keymaster” windows apps – Owner of the Mineral Blue e-Permit System
  • Rohan Wallace and staff at IP Sentinels – my long suffering patent lawyer;
  • Ian Hamilton (Permitry Manager for the St Fergus Gas Operation – UK), an avid and long time supporter
  • Lainey Weiser (Just StartIt High School program) +++++ supporter
  • Rob Mutti –
  • Christine Moran (Engineers Australia)
  • ATAMO –  electronic design
  • Unique Micro Design – Electronic applications
  • Nigel Neaves – Electronic Key and Lock Access Systems
  • Rob Catena – CPS Capital Group – Long Time Supporter
  • My fantastic students at Cecil Andrews Senior High School and their wizard technology teacher, John Townley and visionary School Principal – Stella Jinman – ,

AND – All those many LinkedIn members who took time to fill in my surveys, read and comment on my several posts on LOTO isolations and iSOL8®

Thanks to all

For those who are embarking on their own quest to make a better world remember the pithy quote from the film Galaxy Quest“Never Give Up, Never Surrender”