A letter from my students – Mentors in the classroom


The Value of Industry Mentors in the Classroom

We bemoan the fact that some high school students are not engaged in their lessons and are disruptive.

Cecil Andrews College introduced Project Based Learning to engage students and I was asked to mentor a group of disengaged and bored students.

We introduced small drones to the class. They started off building and flying leggo type drones.

Four months later , they finished the program by flying several drones in a coordinated fashion with a dance troupe on the stage in front of an international school audience, receiving very loud applause.

We also received stunning positive feedback from parents – Their sons talked to them at home, and they stopped punching holes in the walls.

We received feedback from teachers  – Students were really working hard in the classroom  – a complete change in attitude.

See copy of the letter I received from my merry band of students , five boys and three girls from year ten,  and two-year eight Aboriginal students.

Dear Craig,

The people from the Drone Club just wanted to say thank you for helping us and showing us what its like to be an Engineer.

At the beginning of the course, we didn’t get along as much as we should of, we didn’t respect each other or value what we were doing, but you changed that.

You showed us that by working together and using respect and our values we can do something great together as a group.

At the beginning we had basically no acknowledge of what we were doing, then gradually we started getting control of things.

Thank you for showing us these skills, and manners for our future. We all appreciate how much time you took out of your daily life to work with us, and to spend your own money for better drones and technology for us.

It was a privilege to work with the best engineer in Australia. Thank you for sticking around and believing we could do it! We can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge with us and being such a big help. We had some down times, with the drones but you came in and helped and showed us how to fix something and never to give up.

You were always so kind, helpful and respectful to each one of us and because of that we weren’t afraid to ask for help.

We will forever be grateful for you wanting to come in and work with us. We will miss you, and hope to see you in the near future. May our paths cross again.

Sincerely, The Drone Club

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