iSOL8 – A digital “Tap & Go” Paperless Lock Out Tag Out Process

Plant Isolation

iSOL8 is a Hazardous Energy Isolation Process containing several features

  • There are no paper forms to be signed and carried to the job
  • iSOL8 isolation actions are captured in a time history record for immediate display and task analysis
  • Electronic lock boxes are small and carried to the task site, loaded with task isolation permit data – ready for immediate use once isolations have been completed – vastly reducing queuing time and removing the potential to lock onto the wrong lock box
  • All field isolation devices are labelled with an RFID electronic identifier which is embedded in plant design PFD , P&ID and SLD drawings – which enables easy verification of correct isolation points and verification of allocated employees locking onto and off the lock box and simplification of the process to design isolation plans.

The attached one page iSOL8 Mind Map shows the relationship of Inputs and Outputs:

  • Inputs : Task , Isolation Locking System, Employee and Plant Design Drawing.
  • Outputs : Isolation Activity – Time Stamp Data, Lock Box Control, Business Analysis Examples and  Data Display.