I – Craig Power , was fortunate to gain a scholarship from CERI (Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation- located in Nedlands Western Australia) to attend their Entrepreneurial Mindset Bootcamp in early 2020 – WWW.CERI.Org.au

The bootcamp was an interactive 2-day course focused on education and training through experiential learning designed to empower and inspire participants on their innovation journey.

This was followed by the 13 week Concept to Creation module of the CERI program, which is taught by real-world experts on topics that provide skills to further the entrepreneurial journey – either establishing your own start-up, contributing to a start-up team or allowing you to become the workplace ‘intrapreneur’.

This was followed with the third CERI module – 13 week Malka Customer Development Masterclass . The aim of the program is to take a very hands on approach to guiding start up businesses through the customer development pipeline and coach you on the processes involved in gaining a ‘customer for life’ for your business.  

The depth of industry presenters for each module was top class and exceptional.

The opportunity to network with participants was extremely valuable and opened up my mind to the limitless imagination and solutions developed by WA SME’s.

I would like to congratulate Charlie Bass for establishing CERI and pursuing his vision to create a vibrant and successful entrepreneurial business culture in Western Australia, CERI CEO – Dr Carolyn Williams for her leadership and building CERI into a formidable and influential organization, John Beech for bringing his talents, contacts and lifetime knowledge of enterprises to the participants and the MALKA foundation, for their financial sponsorship of the Customer Development Master Class.

The establishment of an ongoing CERIAN Alumni, supports and guarantees a solid base, which enables CERI to expand and be successful in the future.

CERI immerses participants in the real world of business and is a huge point of difference. It is especially important to those who may have limited access to that “Real World” due to their busy and constrained roles. This includes public servants, our primary and secondary teachers and school executives who have a major influence on student mindsets.

It will be my aim to encourage teachers and school executives to attend the CERI bootcamp and Concept to Creation Module to enable them to make education more meaningful and engaging for their students.