Lessons Learnt and Applied – A 25 year career journey

Lessons Learnt

I gave a “Lessons Learnt & Applied ” presentation to two organisations covering the past 25 years of my OHS and engineering career spanning mining, construction, consulting and becoming an inventor.

The presentation is summarised into keys points as follows:

  • Develop, maintain and expand my professional network
  • Don’t walk past issues, take action to resolve and set the standard
  • Tackle the “Hard Jobs” that no-one else wants to do
  • Aim to make each personal contact one of value to both parties
  • Put myself in others’ shoes before opening the mouth
  • Listen to the people who do the actual work – they know most of the answers – the skill is to listen and distil their knowledge
  • Mentor inexperienced and new personnel
  • Continuously coach my supervisor and subordinates
  • Don’t take life too seriously – have some fun at work
  • People are assessing your actions and what you stand for – continuously
  • Always aim to deliver what I commit to
  • In work (life) your reputation rapidly precedes you
  • Go out of my way to makes others succeed
  • Overview the progress of others who are spending (my) millions $$$$
  • Gladly take accountability, make a decision, celebrate the success, learn from failure


This has worked for me – The “Butterfly Effect” is real