Are your documents understandable?

2022 WHS (General) Regulations & 1996 OHS Regulations

Are there are substantial differences? – YES

A new phrase used in two important regulations  “is readily understandable”

WHS Regulations

Reg 39 – Provision of information, training and instruction   

(3) The person must ensure that the information, training and instruction is provided in a way that is “readily understandable” by any person to whom it is provided (edited)

Reg 299 –  Safe work method statement required for high risk construction work

(3) (b) A safe work method statement must be set out and expressed in a way that is “readily accessible and understandable” to persons who use it.

OHS Regulations

The OHS Regulations do not provide specific statements that Information, training , instruction and safe work method statements are “readily understandable” to those to whom it is provided and those who use Safe Work Method Statements.


A review of Internal Training,  Induction, Procedures, Forms etc and Safe Work Method Statements may be warranted to ensure they meet the intent of R39 and R299.

iSOL8 Pty Ltd are experienced in reviewing documents and processes and may be able to assist.

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